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Checking the Oil
The Technicians at AutoTech and Tyres are Unbelievably Talented at Diagnosing Problems with your vehicle.
Modern Vehicles are getting more and more computerised each year, and Independant Workshops have to Invest in a wide variety of equipment to cater for all the different makes. Thankfully we have done that here at AutoTech. 
We can cater for Scanning, Diagnosing, Resetting almost all makes and models.




Servicing your car regularly is essential for optimum running of your vehicle, did you know the much like milk, oil goes off in an engine if left for too long? Turning into heavy dark sediment that sits at the bottom of your engine, which then clogs up the essential moving parts within your engine- And on a schedule, perishable moving parts such as; fan belts, timing belts, pollen filters, oil filters, fuel filters, brake pads and brake disks need to be replaced, preventing breakdowns, and adding to the longevity of your vehicle.


Due to these factors it is very important that one maintains their logbook service record, or gets their car serviced approximately every 6months.


We provide services for almost every make and model here at AutoTech and Tyres, and we believe you will be happy with our friendly customer orientated team, and competitive low prices.


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